Melissa's Values


Being worthy of trust is something I work hard to achieve in life and as a family law attorney. It is a huge responsibility to help people with critical decisions about their children, plus all of their assets and debts. I lead, with strength, toward solutions that work for the long run.


As a planning commissioner in Tumwater, Vice-President and President of my church’s Board of Trustees, and serving and leading in many other local organizations, I’ve shown myself worthy of trust. We may not agree on every issue, but please know that I will always listen with respect, continuously learn, and strive to find solutions that will work best for our beautiful Port and our local communities.


The most rewarding part of being a lawyer is when I profoundly change clients’ lives and relieve their deep distress. Helping people is my true joy. I want to do this for you as your Port Commissioner.

My office was one of the first to go paper-free, save money and improve service and security. I’m a leader in adapting to new technology. In 2011, I was one of the first 5000 people to order a Tesla Model S vehicle and one of only 5%  of initial purchasers to buy the least expensive model. Thurston County needs my tech enthusiasm, comprehension, and business experience.

Hiring and respecting the awesome and diverse group of people in my office has been my greatest strength. No one person knows everything. I intend to retain and respect the Port of Olympia's fantastic people and constantly learn from their varying expertise and perspectives. I very much look forward to coordinating and providing leadership with our local municipalities, state government, and tribal jurisdictions.


I passionately believe diversity strengthens Thurston County. Right now is a vital time for girls to see a strong woman leader and for boys to feel safe that mothers and sisters have a visible and important presence in government.


I often travel to Malaysia and have been part of my Chinese family there since 1984. My son, Matt, is 21. His ancestry is also Malaysian Chinese, and he came into our family at birth by adoption. I've been blessed to travel and study overseas. I treasure the education in different cultures that came from all these experiences.


When elected, I will bring diversity to our Port Commission and focus on strength through our county government's diversity.