Get Involved!

This harpist is my dear friend, Ben Albertson,  who won first prize in the Washington State solo competition harp division for two consecutive years and who was awarded the only harpist position and is studying on a full scholarship from the Glenn Gould School of Music of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Ben helped in my campaign three years ago by volunteering to perform at one of my fundraisers.


Like Ben, you have skills, time, and energy. Please email and:

  • Let me know that I can use your name as an endorsement and why you're endorsing me.

  • Say you want to visit voters by doorbelling or leaving our campaign literature at voters' doors.

  • Tell me you are willing to call people to help them plan specifically how they will get that ballot submitted to vote for me.

  • Donate money (seriously very important), so we can send those crucial mailings out to voters. Even a little bit of money helps!

  • Host a beautiful sign at your home to let folks know I'm running, you support me, and that there is an election.

  • Sign wave with us to increase name recognition and get out the vote.

  • Tell me other ways you can help - we are super creative and need you on our team!